Changing the Company Secretary in Hong Kong

Changing the Company Secretary in Hong Kong

In the dynamic world of business, change is inevitable. Whether you're a start-up or an established corporation, the need to switch your company secretary can arise. But what exactly do you need to consider when making this transition?

Collect and Secure Your Essential Documents

When appointing a new company secretary, it's vital to gather and safeguard all your company's critical accounting documents, records, and information that are currently housed at your premises.

This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Combined Statutory Book
: This comprehensive record should incorporate several crucial components:

  • Register of Directors, Secretaries, Members, Transfers, and Charges.
  • Minutes of Meetings of Directors and Shareholders.
  • Statutory forms filed with the Companies Registry since the company's incorporation.
  • Certificate of Incorporation and valid Business Registration. 

One Share Certificate Book: This book is vital for tracking and verifying the ownership of company shares.

Company Seal and Company Chops: These stamps are essential for validating and authorizing official company documents.

Banking Materials: Ensure you collect all bank-related materials, including bank statements, cheque books, and contact details of your current bank manager.

Accounting Records: Secure all accounting records, whether in physical or digital formats. This includes Management Accounts or Reports, if applicable.

Company Trade Documents: Don't forget to gather important trade-related documents such as invoices, contracts, and agreements.

Audit Reports and Financial Statements: Keep records of your company's financial performance for previous fiscal years, including audit reports and financial statements.

Correspondence with Authorities: Safeguard all communication between your company and the Inland Revenue Department, including Profit Tax Returns and Employers Returns of Remunerations and Pensions.


Changing your company secretary is a significant transition, and it's crucial to handle it meticulously.

Remember, having a well-organized set of documents is not just a legal requirement but also a practical necessity for the smooth operation of your company.

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