Types of Visas in Singapore

Types of Visas in Singapore

Singapore, renowned for its business-friendly environment, offers a variety of visas catering to individuals seeking employment, investment opportunities, educational pursuits, and more.

In this guide, we examine the key features of every Singapore visa that is offered.

Employment Pass (EP)

The Employment Pass is designed for foreign professionals seeking employment in Singapore. Key features include:

  • Eligibility: Individuals with a job offer in Singapore, typically holding a job offer with a fixed monthly salary of at least S$5,000 and increasing progressively with age, up to $10,500 for those in the mid-40s.
  • Requirements: Relevant qualifications, professional experience, and a job offer from a Singaporean employer. Employer must also demonstrate that they have fairly considered all jobseeker.
  • Validity: Usually valid for up to two years, renewable as long as employment continues.
  • Dependants: EP holders can apply for Dependant Passes for their immediate family members.


The EntrePass targets foreign entrepreneurs wanting to establish and operate a business in Singapore. Highlights include:

  • Eligibility: Individuals who plan to start and operate a business that is venture-backed or possesses innovative technologies.
  • Requirements: A well-defined business plan, minimum investment, and relevant business experience.
  • Validity: Initially granted for one year, renewable as long as the business remains viable.
  • Dependants: EntrePass holders can apply for Dependant Passes for their immediate family members.

Dependant Pass (DP)

The Dependant Pass is intended for the immediate family members of EP or EntrePass holders. Key aspects include:

  • Eligibility: Spouse and unmarried children under 21 years of age of EP or EntrePass holders.
  • Requirements: Sponsored by the EP or EntrePass holder, with proof of relationship.
  • Validity: up to 2 years, tied to the validity of the main pass holder's pass.


Student Pass

The Student Pass facilitates foreign individuals pursuing full-time courses in Singapore. Notable features include:

  • Eligibility: Individuals accepted into a recognized educational institution in Singapore.
  • Requirements: Acceptance by a local educational institution and proof of financial ability. The course last not less than 30 days.
  • Validity: Aligned with the duration of the approved course.

Training Employment Pass (TEP)

The Training Employment Pass is for foreign professionals undergoing practical training in Singapore. Key points include:

  • Eligibility: Individuals undergoing practical training in Singapore.
  • Requirements: A structured training program and sponsorship by a Singaporean company.
  • Validity: Generally issued for up to three months, without extensions possibility.

S Pass

The S Pass targets mid-skilled foreign workers employed by companies in Singapore. Crucial details include:

  • Eligibility: Mid-skilled workers with a job offer in Singapore.
  • Requirements: A job offer meeting specific criteria, such as minimum salary of $3,150 (and increases progressively with age, up to $4,650 for those in mid-40s), and qualifications.
  • Validity: Typically valid for up to two years, renewable.

Permanent Residence (PR)

While not a visa, obtaining Permanent Residency in Singapore is a significant milestone. Features include:

  • Eligibility: Individuals holding Employment Passes or S Passes and meeting specific criteria.
  • Requirements: Continuous employment and residence in Singapore, contributing to the local economy.
  • Validity: PR status is permanent.


Singapore's visa landscape provides a diverse array of options, each tailored to specific needs and circumstances. Whether individuals are seeking employment, establishing businesses, pursuing education, or undergoing training, understanding the intricacies of each visa type is crucial.

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