Incorporating a Private Limited Company in Macau

Incorporating a Private Limited Company in Macau

Embarking on the journey of incorporating a private limited liability company in Macau involves navigating the legal landscape outlined in the "CODIGO COMERCIAL" (Macau Company Law). Here's a breakdown of the process.

Requirements for Macau Company Registration

To initiate the registration process, you'll need to furnish identification documents and proof of address for each shareholder and the proposed executive director. Additionally, details such as the proposed number of shares, registered office address, and the main business scope of the company are essential.

Key Features of a Macau Limited Company

  1. Structure: A minimum of one shareholder and one administrator (director) is required.
  2. Shareholder Eligibility: Shareholders can be corporations or natural persons, with no nationality restrictions.
  3. Directorship: Shareholders can also act as directors, irrespective of nationality.
  4. Registered Address: The company must have a registered address in Macau.
  5. Capital Requirements: A minimum registered capital of MOP25,000 is mandated, with each share's value equivalent to the capital contribution.
  6. Company Name: The proposed name must be in Chinese or Portuguese, or a combination thereof. Specific suffixes apply based on the number of shareholders.

Required Documentation for Registration

The following documents are necessary for the company registration process:

  1. Identification and Address Proof: Passport copies and address verification documents for shareholders and directors.
  2. Additional Details: Nationality, marital status, and spouse information for shareholders and directors.
  3. Corporate Representative Appointment: Notarized appointment letter for corporate representatives authorizing registration.

Post-Registration Documentation

Upon successful registration, the company receives essential documents, including:

  1. Certificate of Register Commercial;
  2. One copy of the filed Articles of Association;
  3. Registration Form M/1 for notification of commencement of business;
  4. Application for Share(s) and Consent to act as Administrators
  5. A company chop.

Annual Maintenance

Each company registered in Macau is required to submit:

  • Complementary Income Tax Return at every year, no matter the company has operations or not. There is no audit requirement for a company classified as Group B in which the capital less than MOP1,000,000 and profit lower than MOP500,000.
  • Professional Tax Return with the Macau Financial Services Bureau in January and February every year - not matter whether a company has hired any employee or not

If you require assistance or further guidance on incorporating a company in Macau, please do not hesitate to contact us today. Our expert team is here to support you every step of the way.

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