Introduction to the Offshore Market in Seychelles

Introduction to the Offshore Market in Seychelles

Strategically located in the Indian Ocean, Seychelles has emerged as an attractive jurisdiction for offshore company formation, offering political stability and an effective legal framework. Since introducing the International Business Company Act in 1994, Seychelles has registered over 30,000 International Business Companies (IBCs), making it a popular choice for those seeking efficient and secure offshore structures.

Advantages of Seychelles IBCs

Seychelles IBCs benefit from significant tax advantages, such as no local taxes on profits, capital gains, or wealth. The jurisdiction ensures privacy and minimal reporting requirements, maintaining competitive even under international scrutiny. Seychelles IBCs are particularly appealing due to their flexibility in corporate structure, allowing unrestricted business activities and ease of company management. Key features include:

  • No taxation within Seychelles apart from a government license fee.
  • Exemptions guaranteed for 20 years from the date of incorporation.
  • No requirements for filing annual returns or public disclosure of corporate information, enhancing confidentiality.
  • No minimum capital requirements; shares can be issued in any currency and with or without par value.
  • Corporate directors are permitted, and only one director and one shareholder are required for incorporation.
  • Flexibility in holding company meetings, with no obligation to hold them in Seychelles and no requirement for an annual general meeting.

Operational Flexibility

Seychelles IBCs offer operational flexibility, such as the ability to hold shareholder and director meetings anywhere in the world, and in any format, including by proxy or telephone. Company management is simplified, with no stipulations on the nationality or residence of directors and shareholders.

Registration and Maintenance

Seychelles IBCs can be incorporated quickly, usually within 24 hours, and benefit from simple ongoing administration. The annual renewal fee is based on the incorporation date, not the calendar year, adding to the flexibility for financial planning.

Restrictions and Compliance

While Seychelles IBCs enjoy many freedoms, they are restricted from conducting business within Seychelles, owning real estate in the jurisdiction, or engaging in banking, insurance, or registered agent activities. However, they can invest in shares of local companies or government bonds.

Additional Corporate Structures

For businesses requiring specific features, Seychelles also offers Special Licence Companies (CSL), Protected Cell Companies (PCC), and Limited Partnerships, each tailored to different operational needs. CSLs, for instance, benefit from a low tax rate on global income and can utilize Seychelles' growing network of double taxation treaties.


Seychelles continues to strengthen its position as a leading offshore financial center. With robust legal frameworks and a commitment to international compliance, it provides a secure and efficient environment for global investors and businesses looking to optimize their operations and tax commitments.

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